Medical Alarms

The Medi-Alarm is a sophisticated emergency dialer which allows you to maintain your independence while giving your family and friends the peace of mind that comes with knowing that help is just the press of a button away. The Medi-Alarm has a high speed digital dialer built-in that is activated via a light weight water proof pendant transmitter worn around the neck or as a wrist watch. There is also an emergency button on the console which usually sits under your phone. When our monitoring centre receives a signal our operators alert your nominated emergency contacts immediately as per your pre-arranged instructions.Medical Alarm Monitoring

* Rental Models Available or Purchase Units outright
Medical Alarm System* Quick installation
* Light weight waterproof pendant (one pendant can be used as either a chain pendant or a wrist watch. Both Chain and Wrist watch band are supplied with each Medi-Alarm
* Smart, durable housing, designed to sit neatly under an existing telephone
* Simple buttons for ease of use
* Flashing green light to indicate that everything is working
* Supports up to 8 separate wireless pendants with individual identification
* Provided with a 1.2 ampere hour standby lithium battery with a life expectancy of 10 years under normal conditions
* Low battery indicator which also sends a signal to our monitoring station
* Up to 50 meter Radio range for an open air site. (subject to environmental conditions which will be tested during installation)

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How does a Medi alarm work?
You activate the Medi–alarm by simply pressing a light weight waterproof pendant which may be worn around the neck, on a key chain or on the wrist.
The pendant is wirelessly connected to a console unit under or near your telephone. When the pendant button is pressed the console contacts our 24 hour monitoring station via your telephone line. Our operators then alert your nominated emergency contacts that you require assistance.
This allows you to be confident to live independently while knowing that you can summon assistance when needed.
A ‘Help’ button on the console also offers an additional means of summoning assistance if necessary.

Immediate response
Our monitoring station team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, ready to take action when a distress signal is received.
We provide an immediate response to nominated friends, family members or emergency services to render assistance.

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