Hills Reliance VoiceNav – See it. Touch it. Hear it

Direct Alarm Supplies, a Hills company, launches it's new modern and sleek designed security code pad in Australia and New Zealand - the Hills Reliance VoiceNav.

Packed with innovation, it is a revolution in security for residential to medium commercial customers wanting to protect their family, staff, property and assets.

The product was developed in Australia with it's valued customers to address their needs for an aesthetic modern c
ode pad with advanced security and communication features. The best in global talent helped engineer the perfect product for installers and end-users.

Consumer focus groups confirm that the range of easy to use features make the Hills Reliance VoiceNav the perfect security code pad that fulfills the needs of today and the future.

These include:

  • Sleek Modern Architectural Design - fits perfectly in to most homes and decores 
  • Interactive Personal Voice Guide - walks users through every step in using the system 
  • Advanced Touch Interface - high visual appeal and intuitive to use 
  • End-user Customizable Voice Recording - easy to understand
  • Intercom Functionality for 8 rooms - keeping family or staff connected
  • Full backwards compatibility with NX and Hills Reliance - allows upgrading of existing sites

The security code pad that appeals to your senses of sight, touch, and hearing - it just makes sense to use!

Download the Hills VoiceNav Brochure

Available now in Opal White from Scott Murray Security Services on 1300 554 070.


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