CCTV Cameras


Scott Murray Security Services supply and install only brand name Cameras & Digital Video Recorders. Our DVR’s can cater from the small business/residential setup and then right through to a large multi-site system.

Allow us to give you the right advice and tailor a system that meets your needs and budget. Scott Murray Security Services are the CCTV specialists. 

We can design and install a CCTV system that can offer the following benefits: 

  • Evidence to convict criminals
  • Confirmation of events. eg: Did that person really slip and fall in my premises?
  • Reduced shrinkage & theft
  • Reduced risk to people and property
  • A deterrent to anti-social behaviour
  • Additional peace of mind

We sell/install many different types of cameras to suit a huge range of applications and environments. A quality product combined with a quality installation ensures that your investment is working for you.

There are many different types of camera’s available to suit a huge range of applications. We will inspect your site and speak to you about what you want to achieve from the system before selecting a camera that is right for you. A camera system is a significant investment and it is important that you know the capabilities of the system you are purchasing before you commit to it.

Call Scott Murray Security Services on 1300 554 070 to discuss your needs.

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