Hills Reliance VoiceNav – See it. Touch it. Hear it

Direct Alarm Supplies, a Hills company, launches it's new modern and sleek designed security code pad in Australia and New Zealand - the Hills Reliance VoiceNav.

Packed with innovation, it is a revolution in security for residential to medium commercial customers wanting to protect their family, staff, property and assets.

The product was developed in Australia with it's valued customers to address their needs for an aesthetic modern c
ode pad with advanced security and communication features. The best in global talent helped engineer the perfect product for installers and end-users.

Consumer focus groups confirm that the range of easy to use features make the Hills Reliance VoiceNav the perfect security code pad that fulfills the needs of today and the future.

These include:

  • Sleek Modern Architectural Design - fits perfectly in to most homes and decores 
  • Interactive Personal Voice Guide - walks users through every step in using the system 
  • Advanced Touch Interface - high visual appeal and intuitive to use 
  • End-user Customizable Voice Recording - easy to understand
  • Intercom Functionality for 8 rooms - keeping family or staff connected
  • Full backwards compatibility with NX and Hills Reliance - allows upgrading of existing sites

The security code pad that appeals to your senses of sight, touch, and hearing - it just makes sense to use!

Download the Hills VoiceNav Brochure

Available now in Opal White from Scott Murray Security Services on 1300 554 070.


Hills VoiceNav Lite

VoiceNav LiteForming part of an ever strengthening product suite, the Hills VoiceNav Lite sets a new benchmark as an affordable, speech enabled, 16 zone LED code pad that is compatible with all Hills Reliance control panels. Encased in an elegant and slim profile design with individually illuminated soft touch keys, the VoiceNav Lite is perfectly suited for all residential and commercial applications requiring up to 16 zones of control.

The VoiceNav Lite comes well equipped with essential features, such as the unique built-in “personal voice guide” (PVG). The built-in personal voice guide enables users to control their security system with ease through the use of smart voice prompts, eliminating the need to decipher confusing flashing lights or referring back to lengthy user manuals. The VoiceNav Lite’s speech engine capabilities provide users with an exciting experience, not previously available in any standalone LED code pads.

Download the Hills VoiceNav Lite Brochure

For more information, call Scott Murray Security Services on 1300 554 070.





Hills Reliance TouchNAV

The Hills Reliance TouchNAV is an intuitive graphical touch screen interface
for users of the Hills Reliance Security System. Offering simple fingertip
control of the security system, via its clear 3.5" touch screen with easy to
understand graphics.

With the ability to control up to 128 zones, 8 areas and 16 outputs with 99 users,
the Hills TouchNAV meets the requirements of the most demanding installation.
Users of the TouchNAV can also leave messages for other users via the internal
message centre.

The TouchNAV Pro additionally offers users intercommunication functionality
(between a maximum of eight TouchNAV Pro/VoiceNav’s) as well as video
integration on each unit. The TouchNAV Pro’s video integration functionality allows
users to take advantage of its monitoring capabilities (via a CCTV Camera) and
comes supplied with the appropriately BNC connector for quick and easy
installation. When configured for intercommunication, dual audio channels allows
for two seperate conversations to occur simultaneously.

Security is just a touch away with the Hills Reliance TouchNAV, contact Scott Murray Security Services on 1300 554 070 for more information.

TouchNAV Features

• 3.5” TFT Colour Touch Screen
• Intuitive GUI Design
• Easy to Use Menus
• Backwards Compatible with NX and Hills Reliance
• Supports up to 128 Zones
• Built-in Help Menus
• Leave Entry and Exit Messages
• Custom Naming of Zones, Areas and Outputs

TouchNAV can control up to:

• 128 Zones
• 99 users
• 16 outputs
• 8 areas
• 8 rooms

 Hills TouchNav Code Pad

Armed and ready - Interlogix TS1162 LED Arming Station

S3460A_feature DAS is excited to announce the release of the new Interlogix TS1162 3 LED Arming Station (S3460A). The TS1162 keypad may be connected directly to the Challenger RS-485 LAN, up to 1.5km from the Challenger panel or Intelligent Access Controller. It has an input for request to exit (RTE) control and an open collector output that can be used to control a door relay or door strike.

The keypad’s performance and robust construction make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including dusty or wet environments (rated to IP67). It may be used as a Challenger system remote arming station. The unique design of the housing allows the keypad to be used in the most demanding surroundings. It can be installed directly onto a metal surface without insulation.

- Robust molded plastic housing
- Indoor or outdoor mounting
- Request-to-exit (RTE) input
- Open collector output (door relay/strike)
- IP67 rating

Download the TS1162 3 LED Arming Station datasheet

For more information, call Scott Murray Security Services on 1300 554 070.


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